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Aricasa Professional Products

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To complete our range of cleaning products, we did our very best while creating the ARICASA Professional line. The line is dedicated to the Industry, Cleaning Contractors, Ho.Re.Ca sectors and all those environments where the use of a true Professional working tool is needed. During the development of this project, we concentrated on enhancing sturdiness and life of the product, without neglecting the ergonomics of the tool design, to make it more functional and practical during the daily use. Besides, the new Universal Joint, screw plus fixing ferrule of the handle, makes the ARICASA Professional line products more versatile, as it can be easily used with any handle type. We invite you to place an order and test these products, after the first time you won't do without using them.

professional product exhibition

Aricasa Professional articles are composed for the most part of recycled plastic, obtained from the scraps of the processing of the articles themselves. The quality of the products is ensured by the choice of the original raw materials, whose properties remain unchanged even after many recycling. In this way we can greatly reduce the volume of waste produced, and at the same time minimize the purchase of new plastic.

Aricasa Catalogues 2020/2021

Explore the Aricasa line catalogues: the complete collection of our products, complete with images, descriptions and additional content. Each catalogue is readable in 3 different languages (Italian, English and Spanish). Discover all the products and choose the one you like best! Do not forget that we are available for any request and curiosity.

Catalogues are optimized for web visualization: if you want to print them and want a high resolution version, please contact us.


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